New Dream Role: Man Who Photocopies Butt

Take a look at this e-mail I got through Casting Networks, and try to imagine my enthusiasm:

Greetings Kevin, Would you be interested in playing a featured role in a music video shooting this Friday? The part is a very crucial, and humorous role in this surreal and quirky project. In the video, the singer of the band is walking through office cubicles filled with clones of workers who are all doing the same thing at the same time, except for one office worker. As the singer walks through the office, he sees a window with a girl standing on the outside, ready to jump. He begins to walk toward the window and on his way, (this is where you come in) he passes one eccentric worker who is sitting on the photocopier, making photocopies of his butt! The only thing is that when the paper comes out of the copier, it comes out as pictures of balloons, and the papers float away as if they are real balloons. The singer takes the girl’s hand, and they both jump. Curiously, instead of falling to their end, they land inside the basket of a hot air balloon, but the balloon is actually a giant butt! Please keep in mind that we wouldn’t actually need to see your butt at all, we’ve got a pre-selected butt that works perfectly for the hot air balloon. Our budget doesn’t allow us to compensate for the role, unfortunately, but we would not need very much of your time; an hour or two at the most. We hope that you might be interested in taking part in the project, as it is for a popular band and will surely be an interesting shoot to see in person as well as once it is completed! I appreciate your time, and I hope to hear back from you. Thanks!

Are you kidding?  I’m ready now!  I instantly e-mailed the director back saying “You had me at “making photocopies of his butt.”  I couldn’t care less that it doesn’t pay; this sounds hilarious!  I keep incessantly refreshing gmail on my phone to see if I hear back from him.  Hopefully I got back to him in time before he moved onto someone else.  Mama’s gonna be so proud!

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The Audition Playlist: John Bucchino

Bucchino-240x300This week, I’m thrilled to write about John Bucchino for The Audition Playlist.  As I write in the article, I first got to know John’s music after watching Joseph, King Of Dreams.  I was working at a video store at the time, and when I saw that it was “from the filmmakers of The Prince of Egypt,” I knew I had to watch it.  I loved the music so much that I had to pause during the credits, get right up to the screen, and squint to read who the composer was.  Well, it was John Bucchino, and ever since I heard “Better Than I,” I was a fan.

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The Audition Playlist: Two Contrasting Pieces

2contrastingpieces-214x300We’re right at the start of the big summer stock audition season, so it’s time to get those two contrasting pieces together.  Some theatres will ask you to prepare two pieces.  Others will only ask for one, and if they like you, they might ask for a second.  Either way, it’s always a good idea to have some great contrasting pieces in your book.  Contrasting pieces can be contemporary versus golden age, uptempo versus ballad, comedic versus dramatic, or any other combination.  Take a look at this week’s article for The Audition Playlist to get started!

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The Audition Playlist: Jukebox Musicals

Jukebox musicals are huge right now, especially with summer theatres.  A lot of people on vacation receive brochures in their hotels and guest houses advertising local activities.  Personally, I would love to see that a theatre near my vacation spot was doing William Finn’s Elegies; that show might not be as popular among other tourists, though.  If people haven’t heard of something, they’re not as willing to take a chance, which is why most summer theatres offer a Best of Broadway season.  Another option is the Jukebox Musical.  The McHenry family might not know the show All Shook Up, but you can bet they know Elvis, so it might be appealing to them.  So take a look at this week’s The Audition Playlist to help you choose some audition material for those good ol’ jukebox musicals.jukebox-300x300

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The Audition Playlist: Jason Robert Brown

jrbJason Robert Brown.  Actors love to sing his songs.  Pianists love to play them (or they should).  So what’s the problem?  For a while, it was commonplace for teachers to tell their students that they shouldn’t bring JRB songs into auditions.  I could see that being good advice when he first hit the scene for two reasons: everyone was doing them, and they’re pretty tricky to play.  But that was then, and this is now.  Most of us playing auditions have either played his shows in their entirety, or at least spent some time learning his songs because they’re just fun to play, or because someone is using them in a cabaret.  So see what other nuggets of knowledge I’ve got in store for you in The Audition Playlist this week.

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