Mickey Mouse said yes!

mickey thumbs upI did it!  I got the job with Disney!  Can I get a “wahoo!”?  (random side note: when I type “wahoo” on my phone, it is auto-corrected to “Wachovia.”)

After writing up a lesson plan and submitting my resume, we moved on to the in-person interviews.  After that, a group of us were then invited to audition, where we taught ten minutes from our full lesson plan.  And now, the job offer!  I have no idea how many of us they accepted, but I’m excited to find out on Friday, when we have our official training.

Sunday I have a great rehearsal with my choir for our next Carnegie Hall concert, and Monday was a tap rehearsal with Ya’el, which is always a good time.  Today I was offered a job with Disney; so far it’s been a pretty awesome week, and it’s only Tuesday.  Hopefully the trend will continue.  Unless you buy into the “things happen in threes” philosophy, which would mean that this is the end of the road for my good fortune and fun.

But until then, I’m going to throw on the Newsies soundtrack and have a celebratory room-cleaning party for one.  Wachovia!




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