Newsies: The Final Performance on Broadway

Newsies-the-musical_143236This afternoon was the final Broadway performance of Newsies, and man, what an exit these boys made!  If you didn’t get to see the show, you definitely missed something great.  The energy on stage is unsurpassed, the choreography is thrilling, the voices are breathtaking.

Thanks to my friends at Disney Theatricals, all of the teaching artists were invited to the final show; it was a gift I was thrilled to receive. I literally giggled when I got the email invite and ran above ground from the subway platform so I could RSVP instantly before losing reception.

One of the things I loved most about Newsies is it turned these chorus boys into rock stars!  It’s the most ensemble-focused show I’ve seen and the audience goes wild for these guys.  If you just listened to an audio bootleg, you’d think you were at a One Direction concert.  And the autograph line at the stage door is unreal.  A lot of these guys are making their Broadway debuts, while others have been on Broadway since they were in elementary school.  And every single one of them now has a fan base like you wouldn’t believe!

Take that, the daily energy at the show, and multiply that by 50, when the house is packed to the brim with the most dedicated friends, family, and fansies Broadway has ever seen.  I lost track of how many standing ovations there were during the show.  After almost every number, when all the guys hit their final pose, the audience was on their feet, cheering and clapping.  All of the teaching artists were sitting near each other and we would just look at each other and laugh during these ovations because you’ve never seen or heard anything like that before.  And every jump, turn, split, barrel roll, and high note brought screams and applause from hundreds of fans.  Seriously, rock star level.

I brought my friend Arseniy as my +1, and he was in awe.  He’s a Russian cinematographer whose film I was in last year, and it was his first Broadway show.  While it was definitely a great one to start with, I hope he’s not disappointed the next time he goes to a show with expectations that the audience will be be on their feet cheering every seven minutes.  Maybe I should find a production of Long Day’s Journey Into Night to take him to so he can see the other end of the spectrum.

While I’m incredibly sad that I won’t be able to see this show on Broadway again, I am so thrilled that everyone involved with the production got the accolades they deserved, and more encouragement from an audience than they ever thought possible!

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The Katra Film Series

film-projectorTonight, I finally got to see Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid on a screen larger than my laptop.  I wasn’t able to attend the initial screening, and sadly couldn’t afford to catch it at Cannes, but thankfully Karen had been submitting the film to festivals in NYC.

The Katra Film series screens shorts by New York directors and then invites them up to chat a little about their film.  We had a couple drinks and then it was time to start watching.  There’s just something so exciting the second you see your film show up on screen. And of course, when you’re sitting with your cast, everyone around you just so happens to love the film and responds the way a perfect audience should…since they’re all in it.

But the most exciting part came not from the screening, but a conversation I had with the writer/director and dear friend of mine, Karen Goldfarb.

She told me that he next projects is going to be an animate short called Lucky and the Pirates, and she wants me to play Lucky, the shih tzu.  I’ve never done animation and I’ve never played an animal before so I’m already really excited and the script isn’t even finished yet.  But if there’s anyone that came make something happen, it’s Karen.  I mean, Here’s Lookin’ At You Kid was her first script, her first time directing and producing, and she got that baby in Cannes.  I can’t wait to see what happens with Lucky!

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