The Twins Film: Photo Shoot and Rehearsal

Today started with another great monologue class with Chelsea.  I presented a monologue from the play “Cock.”  It went really well, and I got a ton of helpful feedback so that I can really get the monologue in a great place for auditions.  Next week, for our showcase in front of casting director Michael Cassara, the class and Chelsea agreed that I should do my pieces from Next Fall and To Ninevah.

Random side note, when you’re at the Drama Book Shop and you’re trying to Google the name of a play to find out the playwright (since they’re listed alphabetically by last name), be careful.  For my monologue last week, I was there and googled “To Ninevah Play” and the information I needed came right up.  When you google the title of this week’s monologue, followed by the word “play,” you might get a few thousand matches you won’t want to show your mama.  I can’t believe I didn’t catch on to what I was searching for until the results and images came up!

Tonight I met with Bob and Tina for the film I’m shooting this weekend, which I still don’t know the title of!  I keep forgetting to ask Bob, the director, if he has one and just didn’t give us the title page, or if he’s waiting to see the finished project to put a name on it.  So since I’m playing twins, sort of, that’s what it is for now.

The first thing we had to do was a quick photo shoot.  There’s a scene in the movie where my girlfriend, Lizzie, runs into a woman named Karen.  They bump into each other and some photos fall out of Karen’s purse.  Lizzie helps he pick them up and sees all of the pictures are cute, lovey images of Karen and I, or so she thinks.  She confronts me about it, and then I start to explain.  So we had to meet to take the photos that they’ll use as props, and then we had a blocking rehearsal for our scenes.

Tina, who plays Karen, is awesome.  While we were chatting, we realized that we both spent a year in Seoul, one year apart, so we had lots to talk about!  The one thing I learned is I don’t have a “wicked smile.”  In the last scene, Karen is coaxing me to get in bed with her.  The script says that I watch her walk to the bed, straight-faced, then flash a wicked smile, and then a normal smile.  I’ve got the normal smile, or at least what I think is normal.  But a wicked smile?  Totally lost.  I couldn’t stop giggling, thinking of how stupid I must look, being totally out of my comfort zone.  Bob kept saying, “you know, it’s that really sexy, I-know-what’s-about-to-happen-and-it’s-gonna-be-wild smile.”  Oh yeah, I flash that one all the time!  So I’ve got some awkward practice time in front of the mirror planned for the next couple days.  And it’s a tight close-up so there’s no way around it.

Time to go seduce my reflection!

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