The Adventures of Keith and Kevin

country-musicToday started with a great audition for Soho rep.  They’re doing a production of Marie Antoinette and were having an EPA, so I decided to give it a go.  There wasn’t anything in the show I was particularly right for, at least from reading the breakdown, but I wasn’t really wrong for it either.  And they’re a great company that does shows all year, so I figured it’d be great to be seen by them.  I did one of my favorite monologues by Bekah Brunstetter, and as usual, they loved it.  Not because they loved me, but her material is so damn good!  If you haven’t read her stuff, you need to!  I have a couple of monologues of hers in my back packet, and they always get a great reaction!  They’re not overdone, and if I don’t introduce the piece, giving her name, the casting directors always ask me what the piece was from because this woman can write!  She’s definitely on my Caffeinated Confabulation list (coffee confab, for short).

And the night ended with something that might just turn out to be new and exciting.  At the very least it’s new, so we’re halfway there.  My buddy Keith and I had our first rehearsal as a …ready for it…country music duo!  “What?  You’re into country music?”  Yup.  Time to come clean.  My mama raised me on John Denver, and while I don’t admit to it often, I’m a closet country fan!  People that have known me forever can attest to it, but anyone in the less-than-ten-years category might be a little shocked.  I mean, I live in Manhattan and I’m in musical theatre so it doesn’t exactly come up in conversation.  But behind closed doors, I “thank God I’m a country boy.”

I met Keith when a mutual friend suggested I coach him before he had an audition for the musical Once.  Believe it or not, he had an appointment, and it was his first professional audition!  He has a great job, a real job that pays you in money, and benefits, and other things I’ve heard of but can’t really grasp the concept of.  He’s not looking to quit his day job, as the expression goes, but he’s really talented, and our friend Kristin saw it, and submitted him for Once.

Long story short, we hit it off, and a year later, he starts a text conversation one night asking my thoughts on country music, and if I’d be interested in putting something together with him.  The next day, we had a list of the first ten songs we were going to cover, so tonight we got started.  He plays rhythm guitar and will take lead vocals, and I’ll be on piano and backing him up with some harmony.  And his girlfriend is a bartender for the Pig ‘n Whistle chain so the networking game might go faster than planned, and lead to an actual gig or two.  The initial goal is to work up 45 minutes so that we could open for one of the bands that regularly plays there, and just see where things go.

So who knows?  But I’m excited!  It’s definitely a refreshing and welcome change of pace!


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