Master Class…Finally

mariacallasEver since my senior year of college, when I wrote my thesis on Terrence McNally, I’ve been wanting to play Manny in Master Class.  Today we just had our first rehearsal out at Music Theatre of Connecticut, and it was incredible.

The woman playing Maria Callas–holy sh*t!  She is intense.  We were just doing a table read and she was unshakable!  She was Maria Callas, head to toe.  If someone giggled at one of the humorous lines as she was delivering them, she would sharply turn their way and deliver the following lines right to them, as if they were a student disrupting her class.  She would not break.  It was mesmerizing.  I don’t know who she is or what she’s done, but she is unbelievable (and a little frightening if you were the one snickering).  I would have paid to attend the read-through today because it was a show, and she’s only getting started!

So now it’s time to get my act together.  This woman, Irene, was 90% off-book, and she never stops talking.  I have about twelve lines and I had to look down and read every single one of them.  I’d write more but I’m afraid if I’m not off-book tomorrow, Callas is gonna kick my ass!

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