Barking, Growling, Panting, and other things you do as an actor

photo (8)Today was my last day working on Lucky and the Pirates, and as is always the case at Moon Lab studios, it was a blast. We were a little short on time on November 9th, as we were recording the script, so Lane Banning, recording genius, was able to carve out some time today for me to finish up. Basically we just needed to get some more dog sounds so the animators have some more options in the toolbox.

When I got to the studio, I asked Lane to play me The Lonely Pirate song, the piece I wrote for the film, because I was so curious what the finished product sounded like, and it was great! When we recorded a couple weeks ago, we did the instrumental track first; I played accordion and Johnny played banjo. Later, when we were all there, we recorded the vocals, so I was never able to really listen to what everyone else was doing because I had to make sure my own vocals were lining up with the track. And now that I’ve heard it, I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like when it’s set to animation!

After listening to the song, I was telling Lane how I had been watching shih tzu videos on YouTube so I could make sure my barking and growling sounded legit. So just for kicks, he loaded one up while I was in the booth so we could both listen to the real thing, before I started shameless attempt to mimic. And away we went.

I was panting, howling, barking, and growling like a champ. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself when I realized I was biting my finger like it was a stick, while growling and playing tug-of-war with myself. If I were doing this anywhere else besides a recording studio, I’d be on my way to an institution. All in a day’s work, I guess.

Hey, mom! Aren’t you glad I went to college for this? (That poor lady. Today her son is imitating a pooch, and in 36 hours, he’s running away to join the circus)


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