Another murderous rampage on Discovery ID

FatalENcountersLast night my episode of Most Evil aired on Discovery ID.  I’m staying at a studio 6 in West Palm Beach, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that the cable package didn’t include the channel.  I also checked a couple of bars we had been going to, and they only subscribe to some ESPN pro package.  Apparently, no one has any class in WPB.  And yes, by class I mean watching trashy true-crime reenactment shows.

We got out of rehearsal a little early yesterday, so I decided to walk around the downtown area and not quit until I found a place to watch the show.  Finally, after two hours, I had a place-Duffy’s Sports Grill on Clematis Street.  They had dozens of TVs, all set to football, but the manager said it wouldn’t be a problem to switch one of them over to Discovery ID at 10:00.  So I had just enough time to walk the hour back to my hotel, eat dinner, and then walk the hour back to the bar.  Sure, I could’ve taken an Uber both ways, but thanks to The World of Beer down on the waterfront, I’m a little over budget and trying to keep expenses down.

So there I was, tucked away in a corner of a packed sports bar, watching myself drag a dead hooker’s body out of my car and leaving it by a dumpster; just your typical Sunday night.  And as if that wasn’t creepy enough, mom suggested that I get a picture of myself watching the show.  So there I was, drinking alone and watching true-crime TV in a sports bar, grinning like an idiot as if it’s the most thrilling movie ever made, and taking selfies of me watching me.

I haven’t uploaded them to my computer yet, but if they’re half as creepy as I’m expecting, I’ll make sure to post one here!

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